If you want to give cloth diapers a try without spending lots of money, our trial program may be a good fit for you!  At The Nesting House we carry the best cloth diapers on the market, which you can try without a huge financial commitment.

It can be picked up or shipped out (shipping charges do apply).  

Cloth Diaper Trial- Try Cloth Diapers for FREE!

If you want to find the best cloth diaper for your family and be secure about your choice before you buy, take advantage of the cloth diaper trial. Choose up to  ten diapers of your choice so that you can try them out and make sure it is a good fit for you and your baby.  (Newborn diapers cannot be included).

Place a deposit for each diaper to take these diapers home and give them a try for a 30 day period.  Return the any diapers back that you did not love and get a full refund in store credit to be used towards the purchase of your diapers that you did love.  You can pick up the Cloth Diaper Trial at our Philadelphia location, or it can be shipped out (shipping charges do apply). Order your cloth diaper trial online, and select any 10 full size cloth diapers of your choice: 

Please follow our care instructions and make sure all diapers are returned laundered, dry and stain free to get full refund.  Please read our care instructions and specifically “how not to ruin your diapers” section to ensure that diapers are in a proper state to be returned.  Diapers that have diaper cream, oil, or elastic damage cannot be accepted back.  If staining occurs while in your use, simply laying them in the sun for a day or two will bleach them out white again.

* A $15 fee will be charged for each week diapers are returned late.  Diapers will not be accepted after 2 weeks late.

* If you find out that cloth diapering isn’t for you, feel free to use your store credit on anything in house.

Trial Care Instructions

  • Rinse poopy diapers before storing, or use diaper liners to remove solids.
  • Store diapers in a dry pail.
  • Set your machine to pre-wash with COLD or WARM water.  Do not use hot in this cycle which is designed to just rinse the urine out of your diapers.  A small amount of cloth diaper safe detergent can be used in this cycle.
  • Wash your diapers on HOT or WARM water with an extra rinse cycle, using a detergent that is safe to be used on cloth diapers. Do not use water hotter then 120 degrees, which can harm elastic.
  • Dry diapers thoroughly in the dryer, or hang to dry. (Hook & Loop closures are not designed to go into the dryer.)
  • No fabric softeners!!